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Trouble with Sewing and Embroidering with Satin!

I use a lot of satin in my custom baby items. While it looks very
nice, it’s also very hard to work with! It ravels and is slippery–and that
causes frustration!
Do any of you have any hints for working with satin? While I’d hate
to quit using it, it may not be cost-effective to continue.
What fabrics or techniques make you crazy? Perhaps we can all chime
in and help each other!
  1. I have that same problem, too. I’ll be interested to see what everyone has to say!

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    Leanna Chideste says:

    I’d say try a sturdy interfacing. I work with the peel and stick type a lot and it has worked well for everything.

  3. I use double stick tape or steam a seam within the seam allowance to stabilize it and then baste it with the sewing machine. Once it’s basted it will feed through the serger cutting off the tape.

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    Cheryl Bernard says:

    Satin needs to be pinned to paper tissue to help you control the slippery fabric. Spray starch the paper tissue to keep it stiff if necessary. (let the spray starch dry before using) Do your best to keep the edges of the fabric in line with the edges of the feed as needed…

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    Shelia Arnold Evans says:

    Please do not stop using satin, there are so many pretty items to make.
    I was taught many years ago to make strips of tissue paper and sew slow, using a tiny point on the sewing needle and thin thread.
    I take sheets of white tissue paper ( you can see through it)and cut one inch wide strips making a stock pile. It is easy to remove it will peel right off the seam line.
    Put a piece of tissue paper between fabric and pressure foot and start sewing. This is the method that I use and have been using it for several years. I wish you success.

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    Stephanie Park says:

    To embroider on satin, I use a light, fusible tear-away like Sulky Totally Stable to take away the movement of the fabric. And to keep from getting marks from the hoop, I hoop just Stick-Tear Tear-away and then stick it down. It pulls away from the sticky and the light fusible tears away nicely.

  7. I used a lightweight iron on interfacing – very little ravel & seems to work for me. I don’t use alot of satin, but have used it in doll clothes & costumes.

  8. I have a Baby Lock eclipse. Just love it. However I just had it cleaned about 1 month ago and since I cannot get a nice 3 thread rolled hem like for napkins. I keep calling the store and everyone gives me different settings. I go by the book or setting I got when I took lessons and nothing seems to work. Before I had it cleaned I was getting a very nice rolled hem. 3 thread 1 wooly nylon on the UL. Help.

    • That’s a tough one. When I have problems I usually call the shop where I purchased my machine and they can usually walk me through a problem over the phone. There have been some cases where I have to take it in. Is there another local retailer that you could call to ask some questions? If not, I would gladly pass on the number of the Lady that helps me.

  9. Use pinking shears for the edges to keep from raveling or serge or zig-zag if you don’t have a serger. I use the iron on stabilizer for the back if it is not going to show. A piece big enough to stick outside the hoop edges to help hold the slippery material from slipping and also a water soluble stabilizer on top layer. Don’t use spray on or glue on the top as I have had a problem with it leaving a residue. Hope this helps.

    • I don’t have a serger but that is on my wish list. I think I could really benefit from having one. Until them I will use the stabilizer.
      Thanks for your help!

  10. HI,, If you could go to Walter Floriani website , look at the stabilizing workbook and other categories and most likely could find some good solutions there.

  11. In trying to recall making the prom dresses and my daughters wedding dress. I used satin on them all. I serged everything. Lots of pins (do not serge over the pins) and sometimes I basted by hand. When I run into a problem I am a huge baste by hand person. It lets me manipulate the fabric just like I want then I serge over it. I don’t really recall a problem with it. Now that I’m aware there are problems I will probably have a problem now LOLOL

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