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Steps to Get your Items Ready to Sell

Now that your inventory has arrived, you need to get it ready to sell!
First, Price:  Determine your selling price. I take the net price of an item and double it. If there were shipping costs, I take the dollar amount for shipping and divide it by the number of items that were shipped. Add that to the doubled net price to get your selling price.  It’s a totally psychological thing, but I like for prices to end in .95 or .99. I will often round up or down to that number so that it ends in that amount. :-)  You can also go to websites like to see what similar items are selling for. It may be a lot more than what you came up with!
Next, Describe: I struggle with writing descriptions for my website. Your descriptions need to let your customers “touch” your items. They need to be wordy enough to be engaging, and detailed enough to answer all of their questions.  I like to have very illustrative descriptions, but writing interesting, detailed copy can be overwhelming. I’ve found that I can go to the company’s website to find the dimensions and details without having to wrack my brain. also helps when I can’t think of the word I want, but know what I want it to mean.
Do you have a different way to determine your selling price? How about your descriptions? Do your product descriptions tend to be bare-bones or chatty?
  1. It sounds like you are re-selling items. I’m not sure how that relates to a BabyLock site or comparing your prices to etsy?

    • Many people with an embroidery machine have a business!!!! What’s the competition’s price?!!!

      • I determine my selling price by adding cost of materials plus the hourly rate I pay myself, and then markup a certain percentage. I think it’s important to pay oneself for the time put into making an item.

  2. OK – Confusion and I bet not just on my end. How does your comment relate to this post about making items for sale with an embroidery machine and researching the going cost for them? I think you are totally off-topic.


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