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Anyone Started on an Easter outfit?

Ok, so I don’t do a lot of sewing from patterns. :-/ HOWEVER….I’m seriously thinking about making my daughter’s Easter dress this year. Am I crazy?
I’m thinking about using Simplicity 2683 or, perhaps Simplicity 4647. I also like McCalls 6062 (right).
Does anyone have any ideas for a novice seamstress who wants to make a simple dress that looks impressive? What should I look for in an easy pattern? Any fabrics I should totally avoid?
I’d love to hear if you’re making any Easter dresses this year! What patterns are you using?
  1. If you’re a new seamstress, you probably want to avoid chiffon or satin. Both are slippery, and both fray badly. The best way to make seams with either of these fabrics is a French seam, and they can be tough to fit around (plus, it’s really just double sewing – first wrong sides together, then again, right sides together.).

    A good way to jazz things up is to use those ribbon roses that are available in the Wedding Trim section – it’s a really quick & easy trick that looks like a million bucks! Good luck!

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    Whitney says:

    I just pulled out that same McCalls pattern this morning for an Aggie top. Haven’t used it yet but love the pattern! I say go for it! If worse comes to worse you can use the cut up fabric for crafts but I bet it turns out great. If there are pieces of the pattern that you don’t understand then youtube it. I’ve had luck with that lately. I also like Simplicity’s 2432 and 2431 for Easter outfits. Would Love to see how it comes out!

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    Cynthia T. says:

    All three patterns are so cute! Look at the directions of each. I have had the “privilege” of making some difficult items but if the directions are detailed you can’t go wrong. Just read all the directions first and then follow them step by step.

    The BEST advice I can offer is to go simple on the pattern and make up for it with some really fun fabric and trim.

    Good luck and enjoy the process of making Easter dresses.

    Sewing is so much fun!

  4. I pressed alll my pattern pieces and fabric and found out I probably don’t have enough fabris for thr dress and hat that I chose. SO I guess I will give it some thought and try to get some contrasting color to help me out. The only problem is our town doesn’t have a fabric shop. We do have a quilting store. so does anyone knoe if I could use quilting cotton for backup??

    • You should be able to find some very nice cotton fabrics at a quilt store. But remember to check the fabric content when mixing fabrics together. Some are washable and others are not. But I’m guessing that you are using a washable fabric if it’s for a child. Another thought: if your pattern calls for bodice lining, facings, etc. you could use a different fabric for them as no one will see the inside and you might get a little extra fabric for additonal pieces. If that doesn’t work, I think it’s a great idea to use contrast fabric on a garment. It adds interest and can really change the looks. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll end up with something great.

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    Nancy L says:

    Yes, I made my granddaughter the “Peek-a-Boo” dress by Kari Mecca from the book SEWING WITH WHIMSY. She loves it. I used my fabrics and laces. I did not buy the kit.

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    Whitney says:

    Have you started yet? I’m about half way through the Top and capri outfit pictured above and it is by far the easiest pattern I have ever used. Why didn’t I do this one sooner?! Just a heads up- the shirt is not lined so if you want a lining in it you will have to make some adjustments. Also- I just picked up a pair of denim capris at the resale shop to make the capris- It woulda cost me more to buy fabric for the bottoms then to buy used.(but in good condition)

  7. My children are all grown, but when they were little, I always tried to make a cute usable cotton sundress for Easter with a cute little pique jacket for the unpredictable weather. Then, they had a dress for the summer to justify all the work.

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